Filling equipment
The stability of the filling equipment function will directly influence the quality of NOx reduction agent. Therefore, because of the strict quality testing by Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. as well as the effective heat dissipation and stable flow design of our product, we can stand by our high-quality and high-quantity promise for each customer.




Operating Precautions
1. If necessary, please wear goggles and protective gloves while in operation.
2. While in operation, please be carefully to prevent liquid spilling or overflowing the filling bucket.
3. The product is specially for SCR and BlueTec diesel engines.
4. The product cannot be used with any other agent or be mixed with any other liquids/chemicals.
Emergency procedures
1. If leakage occurs, please wipe clean with dry cloth and rinse with water.
2. If product inadvertently comes in contact with eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water immediately and go to the hospital immediately.
3. If product inadvertently comes in contact with your skin, please remove affected clothes and rinse with water for 20 minutes. If deemed necessary, then proceed to the hospital.