Amazing Transformation
Based off scientific research, PROSBLUE® has been confirmed to increase of NOx conversion rate around 80%. Undoubtedly, your diesel engine vehicle can easily pass the national EURO4/5/6 environmental inspection while effectively decreasing toxic emissions.

High-Purity & Quality
Our business objective is that your engine should be treated like our family, so we carefully inspect each process of PROSBLUE® production to ensure high quality product and the stability of NOx conversion rate through rigid examination standards, such as the quality of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium. These standard even surpass the criterion for AAMI blood analysis.

Perfect Proportion
With primary focus on how to effectively maintain the SCR diesel engine and lowering the expenditure of this NOx Reduction Agent, each batch of AdBlue® is created by using the golden ratio of AGU and water; i.e. 31.8 to 33.2%, which gives you the optimal amount of each ingredient.