1. PROSBLUE® is a registered trademark of Prosperco Petrochemical Inc., which provides AdBlue® through Prosperco Petrochemical Inc.
2. An aqueous high purity urea solution (31.8~33.2%).
3. An denitrifier specially designed for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in diesel engines.
4. Can effectively decrease the NOx gaseous waste released from diesel engines and purify air to meet EURO 4/5/6 emission standards.

This kind of product is referred to as an NOx reduction agent in Japan, Korea, and China and goes by several other names in different regions on the world, ex. AUS 32(Europe), DEF (U.S.A.) and ARLA 32(Brazil). Throughout the SCR system, NOx reduction agent interacts with the exhaust released from the engine, which catalyze harmful nitrogen oxides and transform them into nitrogen and water, thus raising emissions standards to be compliant with environmental regulations.

PROSBLUE® suitable for
All kinds of SCR diesel engine vehicles that wish to achieve the environmental inspection grade of 4, 5, and 6.

PROSBLUE® Implementation standard
Conform to the standard of ISO22241, DIN70070, JIS K 2247, GB29518-2013, etc.