SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) utilizes a kind of special aqueous urea solution named AdBlue®, which is sprayed into the engine exhaust pipe to decrease the output of NOx via a chemical reaction between NOx and chemical molecules in the urea, so it must be regularly added AdBlue®, the special aqueous solution. If a shortage of urea supply results in emission quality exceeding the set legal standard, the torque output of the engine will be limited.

PROSBLUE® can effectively decrease the NOx exhaust released from diesel engines, while reducing fuel consumption and purifying air at the same time to achieve the EURO 4/5/6 emission standards. This trend has already been adopted by a variety of vehicle dealers.

SCR of PROSBLUE® NOx reduction agent, used with diesel exhaust, is made by V2O5/Al2Oand this kind of metal catalyst has high efficiency in lowering NOx exhaust.

De-NOx reaction usually uses ammonia reacting with NOx to produce nitrogen and water (non-toxic). Ammonia is toxic, the SCR uses urea solution as reactant because of safety and easy storage. Then SCR has high spray rate and spray control to elevate NOx transfer rate.