Variety of packaging
We at Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. provides a variety of packaging sizes to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Suitable Container Material
1. High-alloy austenitic nickel-chromium steel, nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, stainless steel, Titanium.
2. Ni-Mo-Cr-Mn-Cu-Si-Fe alloy (ex. Nickel-based alloys C/C-276), polyethylene(PE).
3. Polypropylene(PP), polyisobutylene(PIB), perfluoroalkyl group of resin(PFA), polyvinyl fluoride(PFE).
4. Polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF), polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene.

Unsuitable Container Material
1. Aluminum or aluminum alloy, magnesium or magnesium alloy, nickel-plated plastic or nickel-plated metal.
2. Lead, silver, zinc or copper solder.
3. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, soft iron.
4. Non-ferrous metals and alloys (ex. copper, copper alloys, zinc, lead).