Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. invited to participate in Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue Forum Asia

By Prosperco Global Incorporated on March 20th 2013. Posted in News

Prosperco Petrochemical Inc., founded in 1963, is a professional manufacturer focusing on the research, manufacture, supply and distribution of specialty chemicals. We are dedicated to harnessing modern products with the aim of an enduring green and sustainable development as well as to promote environmental social consciousness awakening. We produce, PROSBLUE® the NOx Reduction Agent for diesel engine. Our  PROSBLUE® meets the requirements and fulfills the standard of certification both at home and abroad.

In the aspect of environmental protection enterprises, Prosperco Petrochemical Inc.'s efforts have been gradually recognized overseas. This year we were invited to take part in Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue Forum Asia 2013 hosted by Integer Research for the first time, which is the most important annual event about the international regulations of diesel engine and traffic emissions in Asian countries.

Focusing on the most important environmental problems, Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue Forum Asia 2013 gathers hundreds of professionals within the industry, including some senior government units, well-known universities and research institution scholars and global well-known enterprises to carry out extensive exchanges and discussions in order to promote the global transportation and environmental technology development. With the standard of high-quality, Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. has gained a high degree of recognition for its work with  PROSBLUE® among upstream and downstream industries, and we're confident of obtaining global recognition of  PROSBLUE® in the near future.