Strict quality
Having a high quality NOx Reduction Agent is imperative to ensuring modern SCR diesel engines operate normally. Product imperfections might cause engine breakdown and cause the need for expensive repair costs. The worst though, is that you will lose business/operating time while fixing the related problems.

We believe the promise of quality of the best way to win our customers' loyalty. To ensure that each drop of PROSBLUE® is stable and ready for use, we utilize an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in cooperation with Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. and BSI (British Standards Institution). By abiding by this strict system throughout the process from raw material all the way to customer feedback (ex. Production certificates, sample testing, sales audits, etc.), PROSBLUE® NOx Reduction Agent has received the honor of being registered under the VDA QMC(Qualitäts Management Centre im Verband der Automobilindustrie) AdBlue® trademark.

The reliable SGS Test Report
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